In front of the restaurant, in the corridor at Teslina 10, you will find our Café Bar Boja. There you will be met by the smiling face of one of our waiters or waitresses, making you immediately want to drink a coffee or aperitif before starting your culinary adventure. Popular with a number of regular guests, Boja opens independently from the restaurant.

The morning hours pass peacefully to the lazy rhythms of bossa nova or jazz, with the sound of newspaper pages turning slowly and quiet background murmuring. This is the ideal atmosphere for a cup of coffee before the start of another working day. Our young and cheerful staff prepare coffee knowing exactly when our regular guests will arrive. The sound of the coffee grinder, the clinking of cups and warm greetings – this is how our easy mornings proceed.

Afternoon brings a faster pace. Conversations are livelier, celebrating the end of the working day with a glass of wine or a cocktail. Smiling guests appear – people coming from work, students from lectures, long-time friends catching up, and of course the regulars at our café.

We are proud of our delicious coffee, wide selection of drinks, varied cocktail menu, and our hard-working and cheerful staff – but we are most proud of the homely and friendly atmosphere that has become a trademark of our café. Boja has successfully built a small community where there is always a place for new members.

As well as a friendly atmosphere and excellent coffee, Boja attracts guests with its beautiful and original interior design. A youthful combination of red and grey with paintings by established young Croatian artists gives Boja the ambience of an art gallery.

We are glad that our numerous guests have recognised the originality of the interior, the quality of the coffee, the friendliness of the staff and the sincere, cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Boja means colour in Croatian, so we invite you to join us and add colour to your day!