Our weekly offer

06.05. - 12.05.2021.

88,00 kn
Beef tartare - Traditionaly seasoned, served with toasted bread, pickled vegetables, butter and Dijon mustard aioli
115,00 kn
Foie gras patê with smoked duck breasts and walnut brioche
75,00 kn
Young cabbage with boiled lamb
80,00 kn
Chicken breast with cauliflower cream, roasted cauliflower and butter and hazelnut sauce
68,00 kn
Dolce garbo style lamb's l liver with polenta
73,00 kn
Beef goulash with homemade wide egg noodles
95,00 kn
Cold fish starters - Cod spread, traditional flatbread from the island of Vis and traditional marinated fried anchovy fillets
68,00 kn
Asparagus and goat cheese salad
32,00 kn
Creamy broad beans soup
75,00 kn
Morels au gratin with shrimps and butter sauce
58,00 kn
Breaded anchovies with potatoe salad
115,00 kn
Monkfish fillet in panko breadcrumbs, celery cream and wild garlic aioli
35,00 kn
Pavlova cake with strawberries
35,00 kn
Mocha caramel - creamy coffee and mascarpone cake

Wines by glass - special offer

36,00 kn
Coronica Gran Malvazija 0,15
56,00 kn
Coronica Gran Teran 0,15
47,00 kn
Coronica Grabar 0,15