Our weekly offer


88,00 kn
Beef tartare - Traditionaly seasoned, served with toasted bread, pickled vegetables, butter and Dijon mustard aioli
65,00 kn
Swordfish confit with lettuce and egg salad with dill and mustard sauce
32,00 kn
Cold cucumber soup
87,00 kn
Prosciutto and cheese stuffed turkey tenderloin rolls with potato cake and baby spinach
58,00 kn
Grilled sardines with potatoes and rucola
68,00 kn
Stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes
27,00 kn
Roasted red peppers and sliced garlic
35,00 kn
Pavlova cake with fresh fruits in a glass
35,00 kn
Mocha caramel creamy coffee and mascarpone cake

Wines by glass - special offer

32,00 kn
Malvazija Festigia 0,15
39,00 kn
Cabernet Sauvignon Festigia 0,15
35,00 kn
Festigia Castello 0,15