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70,00 kn
Goat cheese cream and pickled beetroot salad with toasted hazelnuts and bourbon vanilla vinaigrette
55,00 kn
Salted trout with mousse, trout caviar, horseradish cream sauce and brown butter
65,00 kn
Gratinéed scallops
90,00 kn
Homemade pink tortellini with shrimps in mussels and „malvazija“ sauce
108,00 kn
Sea bass fillet with broccoli and beurre blanc sauce
90,00 kn
Fried calamari and shrimps with Savoy cabbage Dalmatian style and tartar sauce
88,00 kn
Beef tartare - Traditionaly seasoned, served with toasted bread, pickled vegetables, butter and Dijon mustard aioli
58,00 kn
Deep fried wild game meatballs with horseradish cream, pickled apple and brussels sprouts
65,00 kn
Sautéed beef strips with julienne vegetables and egg noodle dumplings
90,00 kn
Stubica-style pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes with homemade croquettes and brussels sprouts
120,00 kn
Tournedos with demi-glace sauce with pearl onions, celery root purée and julienne vegetables
kg 360,00 kn
Young lamb from the island of Pag roasted on the spit
35,00 kn
Pavlova with fresh fruits in a glass
40,00 kn
Velvet strawberry heart - Strawberry parfait with white chocolate cream, crispy meringue and strawberry ice cream

Wines by glass - special offer

24,00 kn
Jakob Pave pjenušac 0,10
34,00 kn
Jakob Blue 0,15
48,00 kn
Jakob Syrah 0,15
48,00 kn
Jakob Cuvee 0,15
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