Our weekly offer

05.12.-11.12. 2018.

55,00 kn
Pumpkin mousse – breaded shrimps – toasted pumpkin seeds
30,00 kn
Creamy pumpkin soup
90,00 kn
Sailor's risotto with calamari, mussels and shrimps
105,00 kn
Monkfish brodetto with shrimps, mussels and polenta
65,00 kn
Foie gras creme brulée – walnut brioche
55,00 kn
Smoked duck breast – duck paté – rye bread
30,00 kn
Browned flour soup of Međimurje region with bacon and sour cream
85,00 kn
Venison ragout with homemade bread dumplings
72,00 kn
Rolled chicken with buckwheat and liver stuffing with pasta tatters and braised cabbage
90,00 kn
Veal burger with roasted red peppers, „kajmak“ and baked beans
90,00 kn
Prosciutto and cheese stuffed pork tenderloin roll with Gorgonzola sauce, potato gnocchi and braised Savoy cabbage
68,00 kn
Sautéed calf's liver with creamy polenta and truffles
74,00 kn
Ham hock with braised sauerkraut and sautéed potatoes with onion
35,00 kn
Chocolate nemesis tart (dark chocolate with 72% cocoa)
25,00 kn
Cheese and white chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis

Wines by glass - special offer

78,00 kn
Ruinart Brut 0,10
94,00 kn
Ruinart Rose 0,10
25,00 kn
Tomac Millenium Brut 0,10
25,00 kn
Tomac Millenium Rose 0,10
26,00 kn
Kunčić Mlado (Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Muškat) 0,15
26,00 kn
Štampar Mlado (Silvanac Zeleni) 0,15
26,00 kn
Preiner Mlado (Silvanac Zeleni) 0,15
26,00 kn
Cmrečnjak Mlado (Rizvanac) 0,15
26,00 kn
DK Mlado (Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc) 0,15
26,00 kn
Kocijan Mlado (Chardonnay) 0,15
20,00 kn
Šember Purtugizec 0,20
Hladna predjela Vinodol