As Vinodol gets its name from country villa and estate of the daughter of the Croatian podban Vladimir Barun Nikolić, our famous painter Vera Nikolić, the restaurant interior features artworks by various Croatian artists.

At the entrance at Teslina 10, you will be welcomed by beautiful coach horse sculptures by our award-winning sculptor Hrvoje Dumančić. Horses are Dumančić’s speciality and a frequent motif in his extensive oeuvre. For the artist, this sculpture represents ‘the spirit of history emerging from the walls’ – it is a reminder of tradition and a memory that lingers. The smaller horse head sculptures on the wall inside the restaurant are also his work.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with art by the famous Croatian painter Zoltan Novak.

Ana Barbić Katičić is a Croatian lawyer and fine artist whose specially personalized "Vinodol" plates emphasize the beauty of the restaurant. Plates are placed on several location on restaurant`s walls.

Many guests immediately recognise the two posters by Croatia’s famous artist, painter and graphic designer, Boris Bućan in the restaurant. Bućan is best known for his poster for Igor Stravinsky’s ballet ‘The Firebird’. Next to it in our restaurant there is another poster, for the Days of Croatian Music: the ‘Fifteen Experiences’ series by the Zagreb Symphony Orchestra and Zagreb Radio Television Choir for the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.

Bućan is renowned both in Croatia and abroad because of his inimitable poster design. On ‘The Firebird’ poster we recognise some of his characteristic motifs, such as a being with both animal and anthropomorphic features, and the graphic of a blade of grass, which often appears on his later posters as a kind of artistic signature.

Our Café Bar Boja also offers something unique. Under the direction of Bruno Perović, owner of the BP ATELIER gallery, a special and modern atmosphere has been created that delights every visitor. The interior resembles a small art gallery thanks to numerous artworks by renowned Croatian painters such Nikolina Ivezić, Tatjana Politeo, Iva Višošević, Ana Kolega, Igor Stiskalov, Ana Lozica and Petra Grozaj.