Our weekly offer


75,00 kn
Marinated Gacka river trout with trout caviar and mousse, horseradish cream sauce and brown butter
70,00 kn
Roasted pepper and grilled goat cheese salad with vinaigrette and toasted almonds
32,00 kn
Creamy pumpkin soup
60,00 kn
Vege burger with homemade potato chips
58,00 kn
Grilled sardines with potatoes and rucola
130,00 kn
Grilled swordfish steak with swiss chard dalmatian style
37,00 kn
Roasted red peppers and sliced garlic
95,00 kn
Chicken breasts & foie gras terrine with sunchoke cream and porcini mushroom cream
110,00 kn
Duck breast with Plavac mali wine reduction, potato gratin and chicory
70,00 kn
Homemade blood sausages with braised sauerkraut and potatoes
95,00 kn
Spiked stewed beef “pašticada” in sauce with homemade gnocchi
68,00 kn
Cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes
80,00 kn
Roasted turkey leg with pasta tatters and and braised cabbage
25,00 kn
Crème caramel
35,00 kn
Chocolate nemesis tart (dark chocolate with 72% cocoa)
35,00 kn
Mocha caramel - creamy coffee and mascarpone cake

Wines by glass - special offer

34,00 kn
Crnjac Zadro Žilavka 2016. 0,15
38,00 kn
Crnjac Zadro Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. 0,15
38,00 kn
Crnjac Zadro Blatina 2015. 0,15
42,00 kn
Crnjac Zadro Rondo 2015. 0,15
Hladna predjela Vinodol