Our weekly offer


95,00 kn
Marinated tuna steak and aioli sauce with horseradish and black radish
70,00 kn
Pickled beetroot salad with cheese from Tounj cream, toasted hazelnuts and bourbon vanilla vinaigrette
32,00 kn
Creamy cabbage sprouts soup
180,00 kn
Grilled adriatic scampi or scampi alla buzara – at guest's request
72,00 kn
Vegan stew with toasted bread filled with dried tomatoes
68,00 kn
Pan-fried hake with potato and rocket salad
37,00 kn
Roasted red peppers and sliced garlic
88,00 kn
Beef tartare - Traditionaly seasoned, served with toasted bread, pickled vegetables, butter and Dijon mustard aioli
68,00 kn
Chicken liver patê with black truffle and Dalmatian prosciutto
68,00 kn
Sotée Stroganoff“ with rice
115,00 kn
Tournedos with demi-glace sauce - mashed potatoes with truffles and julienne vegetables
68,00 kn
Lamb liver on reduced red wine plavac with fennel cream and homemade croquettes
220,00 kn
Lamb shank – for two persons with chives mashed potatoes
80,00 kn
Roasted turkey leg with pasta tatters and and braised cabbage
360,00 kn/kg
Young lamb from the island of Pag roasted on the spit
35,00 kn
Chocolate - raspeberry cake
35,00 kn
Imotski rafiol – pastry of Imotski region our style

Wines by glass - special offer

32,00 kn
Malvazija Festigia 0,15
39,00 kn
Cabernet Sauvignon Festigia 0,15
64,00 kn
Malvazija istarska Riserva Vižinada 0,15
Cold appetizers Vinodol