Our weekly offer

68,00 kn
Chicken liver patê with black truffle and Dalmatian prosciutto
88,00 kn
Beef tartare - Traditionaly seasoned, served with toasted bread, pickled vegetables, butter and Dijon mustard aioli
35,00 kn
Zagorje mushroom ragout soup with bacon and sour cream
50,00 kn
Duck burger with red cabbage, lamb's lettuce, mulled wine sauce and homemade fries
75,00 kn
Beef fillet „Stroganoff“ with rice
70,00 kn
Blood sausages with braised sauerkraut and potatoes
80,00 kn
Ham hock with braised sauerkraut and sautéed potatoes with onion
90,00 kn
Prosciutto and cheese stuffed pork tenderloin rolls with Gorgonzola cream, pumpkin purée and homemade croquettes
90,00 kn
Veal burger with cream cheese „kajmak“ and potatoes
80,00 kn
Suckling pig with sweet potatoe cream and spring onion
68,00 kn
Cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes
90,00 kn
Spiked stewed beef “pašticada” in sauce with homemade gnocchi
32,00 kn
Creamy pumpkin soup
58,00 kn
Breaded anchovies with potatoe salad
115,00 kn
Fried Adriatic calamari with swiss chard Dalmatian style and tartar sauce
27,00 kn
Roasted red peppers and sliced garlic
24,00 kn
Fritters - 10 pcs
20,00 kn
Chestnut puree
32,00 kn
Lemon pie

Wines by glass - special offer

36,00 kn
Kopjar Sauvignon Blanc organski uzgoj 0,15
33,00 kn
Kosovec Škrlet organski uzgoj 0,15
35,00 kn
Kosovec Crni Pinot organski uzgoj 0,15
36,00 kn
Legovina Merlot Matura 0,15