Our weekly offer


105,00 kn
Istrian cold starters - prosciutto dry-cured ham, Istrian ox salami and cheese Veli Jože
120,00 kn
Gratinéed scallops
45,00 kn
Istrian minestrone soup with grated cheese
110,00 kn
Fusi pasta with fresh black Istrian truffles
68,00 kn
Pljukanci pasta with boškarin (istrian cattle) goulash, fresh grated horseradish and green onions
125,00 kn
Monkfish brodetto with shrimps, mussels and polenta
30,00 kn
Traditional deep fried pastry and apricot jam
35,00 kn
Pandišpanj – traditional dessert from Istria in sweet dessert wine with skuta curd cheese

Wines by glass - special offer

35,00 kn
Benvenuti Malvazija 0,15
32,00 kn
Benvenuti Rose 0,15
42,00 kn
Benvenuti Caldierosso 0,15